My definition of a tourist company is ‘giving general information, providing historical knowledge and a nice experience for fair value’.

Fortunately Ethnotrax is not a tourist company. They do understand that their client has had their fill of the contemporary travel experience and is looking for something different. Ethnotrax recognises their client has an active adventure-seeking spirit but that spirit is starving for something completely unique.

The journey to understanding peoples’ everyday challenges as well as accomplishments starts and ends hundreds of miles from the village. Mundane habits are forgotten as your adventure unfolds in this unique frontier lifestyle.

It is hard to define this experience that eclipses today’s ‘Expedia-driven travel’. I have shared my experience by paralleling it with the mindset of a person that would have discovered hunter-gatherer civilizations a hundred years ago.

The experience of a basic raw lifestyle is a fundamental value of Ethnotrax. Although the location was a concern for family, the company has roots here and has spent decades living within this culture. They’ve learned the language, traditions and even raised a young family here ultimately adopted by one of the prominent village families. Concerns vanished.

Ethnotrax provided me the means to live with hunter-gatherers. People welcomed me into traditional homes, I ate new food and travelled like they do. I decided to put my life on hold to appreciate the beautiful surroundings and life’s simplicity just as they do. I played games with them, communicated with children and listened to stories from weathered wise men. I cherished quiet times together but was also involved with everyday village life. I appreciated the opportunistic mindset, medical challenges and the drive to survive in an extremely harsh environment that demands the opposite.

I also learned how their love for music has been muted by the outside world.

The most touching of these virtually untarnished people is a special respect that was displayed towards me, a respect that is far greater than I gave them – the kind that I had been taught to be acceptable in civilization. I learned about traditions and why it works so well. In return, they learned about me and my family. I have been challenged to seriously change my values and to take time to analyze how my decisions affect others. I learned much about myself in these powerful but remote moments. Thanks to new friends and Ethnotrax, my spirit is now satisfied.

– Brian

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