When I visited the village it was a great adventure. I had never flown in a small plane or traveled a river through the jungle. The beauty of the flowers, sounds & small villages along the way was so surreal. It was wonderful to see things in their natural state.Trees that were similar to house plants in my home & birds flying free that were caged in my homeland.

The people were excited to see who was coming as they heard the sound of the motor winding its way up the muddy river. The people were so friendly even though I couldn’t speak the language. It was evident that family life was important to them by how they shared the food with one another. Everyone was taken care of.

The tribal people are hunters-gathers & need to be protected from outsiders that would seek to destroy their way of life. The women are the gardeners and provide the primary care of the children. The men do the hunting and providing of the daily supply of protein for their diets.

There is so much culture to observe and take in! For instance in canoes, women sit while paddling, but the men stand to paddle – they have incredible balance in those narrow hand crafted vessels! Children learn at an early age to paddle a small canoe. In recent years, several have motors on much larger dugout canoes. The river dominates every aspect of life from mountains, lifestyle, ritual and art.

I’m so thankful I had this wonderful experience

– Ellen

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